Friday, November 19, 2010

Family Update Yo!

Well, I haven't made a post in quite a long time. But, recently I decided I needed a hobby, something that would make having "me time" more possible. So, I decided I'd like to start sewing, and making things like hair clips I can sell at work. I made about 40 clips (flowers, christmas ones, and other cute stuff) for my wonderful sister in law to sell at the Christmas boutique that Wendover, NV has every year. Hopefully some of them will sell! I have yet to sew. Aside from the fact that I don't own a sewing machine, I also don't really know how to sew! I have been looking at a few blogs with tutorials on them, and it seems like sewing is something I can do. Since my dear sweet Chloe was born, I've really found it difficult to step away from being mom and wife and just be a young happy fun person! So, I think having this new hobby will help me find some time to myself!

My sweet husband Drew has been out of town a lot recently working hard for us. He was in Oregon and Northern California this week, and had the opportunity to go through Crescent City. He lived there for a bit when he was younger and now is his dream destination for our family. He stopped by the old house and explored the yard a bit. He is on his way home, and should be home tomorrow!

Sam. What a character! He is starting to talk A LOT! He is putting words in to phrases instead of just saying single words. example: "lilah no!" "juice baba" (lilah is my sister's new puppy). He is going to blessed nursery at church, and usually loves it. It makes me happy to see him interacting with other kids. He still is learning to share, and hopefully will grasp that concept sooner rather than later! He loves his sister, but still is a little rough. Boys will be boys!

My Chloe girl is growing so fast! Babies don't stay babies long. She is so fun now. She is the happiest baby, always smiling! My mom says she's the spitting image of me as a babe. I must have been SO cute! :) I'm confident she'll be rolling over soon. She gets over to her side, but not over. It's exciting, but once she starts moving she'll require much more supervision!

And Sariah. I'm so thankful to have her living with us :) I can't imagine our lives right now without her. She is the biggest help with the kids and the house, and it's great to have one of my best friends around so much!

I am looking forward to the holidays! Thanksgiving is coming, and we get to have two :) So with fun times on the way, hopefully I'll find the time to share them here! thanks for reading about our little family! If you having and sewing ideas or tips please feel free to share!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey everyone! I'm excited to let you know that I am changing salons! I am moving from Urban Endz to A Cut Above (also in Tooele). I will be starting there some time in the next couple weeks. Urban Endz was good to me, but the opportunity came up to work with A Cut Above and I jumped on it! It's where I've wanted to be since I started. As a result of the move my price list is changing a little bit to be in line with A cut Above:

(All prices for hair services include wash and style)
Womens Cuts $25
Mens Cuts $17
Childrens (11 and under) $10


All over $35+
Partial Weave $40+
All Over Weave $50+
Under 10 foils $4 each
(price depends on hair length and thickness)

Facial Waxing
Eye Brow, Lip $10

I am continuing my referral program and encourage ALL to participate in it! Send two NEW clients in to me, and for your next appointment you will receive %50 off! Your friends that come in will also receive %50 their first appointment when they mention your name! Great deal for all! Feel free to call or text anytime to make an appointment or ask questions! 801-380-2341!

Thanks so much everyone!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blast From the Past

Last night we enjoyed quite a treat! When I was young my siblings and friends and I used to watch "Mac and Me". The movie is about a Mysterious Alien Creature (MAC) who has escaped from NASA agents and is befriended by a young boy in a wheelchair. Together, they try to find MAC's family, from whom he has been separated. It's low budget, and HILARIOUS! If you've never seen it, find it and watch it. If you have, watch it again! My sister and I cried laughing. Geoff, Sariah's boyfriend, found it online and downloaded it (why someone would make a bootleg of this film I do not know). I am hoping he can find "Scamper and Snowflake" which was another one of our childhood favorites! It's about two penguins. Let me know some of your childhood favorites!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i made this soup and it turned out really good.
3-5 lb. potatoes, pared & diced
1 med. onion, chopped
2 chicken bouillon cubes
8 slices bacon, very crisp
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 gal. milk
Salt & pepper to taste
Boil potatoes, onion and bouillon cubes in just
enough water to cover until potatoes are tender.
Add mushroom soup and milk.
Thicken with cornstarch. Crumble bacon and
add to soup. Garnish with 2 tablespoons parsley.

i put in lots of bacon, added green onions, garlic powder, celery salt, and cheddar cheese. I only put in 1/4 gallon of milk. enjoy!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

We had a great weekend in Draper with Drew's family. But, its nice to be home now! We had some good food and watched the Olympics. We went and saw the Percy Jackson movie. I liked it! I haven't read the books, Mindy said they changed the story. So now we're home! Sam slept in his own bed all night last night! Hooray! Drew is home from work on account of the rain/snow. I have a head cold :( Today is looking like it will be a slow relaxing one :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chowin on bday cake!

Bday spaghetti dinner.

Christmas! My mom got me this little people nativity! so excited!!
Yay Christmas!
Mommy's little Chewbacca!

Well, it has definately been a LONG time since I've updated! We are now living in Tooele, Ut. Where I grew up. I am mostly a stay at home mom, and work a little at a salon in town! Drew works for Clark's Quality Roofing in Salt Lake. We had a good first Halloween with Sambo. He was chewbacca! It was pretty awesome! Christmas was fun, he could have cared less about presents haha! What can you do! Sam is almost 13 months now. We had a family get together for his birthday. It was a really good time! He enjoyed the cake, the toys, and the company! He is an outgoing little funny man! He runs, climbs, and crawls on everything he can! He figured out how to get up on our toilet yesterday... He loves bath time and balls and Philip. He is the highlight of our lives! He is the biggest goof ball. We found out just before Christmas that we are again expecting! I am due 8-29. I'm not looking forward to being hugely pregnant during the hottest time of year but we are both so excited! We are looking forward to Oma and Opa visiting this weekend, and spending a few nights in Draper with them. We love our ward here in Tooele. I am the 2nd counselor in Young Womens and over the Beehives. Drew is the ctr 5 teacher in primary, which is a little challenging because he has to take the ctr 4 class as well so he has 14 kids. It's more babysitting that teaching :(. Hopefully he will get a new calling soon. He went to St. George for work last week, and will probably be going out of town often in the future. well that all for now! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Samuel Drew

On Tuesday morning at 6am the hospital called us and told us it was our time to come in and be induced! We popped out of bed and were there by 7! Around 7:40 they had me all hooked to the drugs and such to start labor. I was dialated a 4 when we got there so it didnt take long for things to progress. It was alot less frightening than I had been imagining, although it was a bit scary! By the time I was dialated a 6 I was ready for my epidural (spelling?)! I thought I would make it longer than that, but when it became hard to breath I decided it was time... it wasn't bad getting it either. I never saw the needle, don't really want to. It was stingy and uncomfertable, but like heaven once it kicked in! It was so weird having my body numb from my ribs down. I could barely wiggle my toes. People had to move me around. I only pushed for around an hour and fifteen minutes and at 5:51pm Sam was out! He had quite the cone head! Drew was amazing though out the whole event. He spoon fed me ice, and was there for whatever I needed the whole time we were there, and has continued taking care of me, and Sam, since we've been home. And, he's also the hottest dad ever! I was so exhausted I was almost falling asleep between pushing. I'm just now feeling almost rested. My whole body got even more swollen and being so exhausted I look like a zombie in our pics! But I think I have a good enough excuse for lookin sick, right?! It's such an amazing thing to have a baby and be a mom. It's a completely unexplainable love you feel for your own child. Sam is healthy and generally happy! He was 8lbs 9oz and 21 inches long. His cone head is way less coney now! I'm recovering well. I've cut back on my drugs, but I do still need them. (I have a pretty low tolerance for pain.) Breast feeding is amazing, too. It's definately painful and we're still learning, but I think we're getting a system and a schedule down! I like being able to spend that personal time with Sam. He is such a little angel. I know he was meant for Drew and I. This first week has gone by fast, but it's also been a long one! We've hads lots of visitors, which has been nice. We really appreciate all the love and support. But, I'm also glad that's slowing down a bit! Sariah, my sister who lives in WA, is coming this weekend and I am SO EXCITED! I wish she could have been there when he was born, and I know she does, too, but she's coming as soon as she could and I can't wait for her to meet her nephew! Enjoy the pics!